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Models for the exhibition

The marketing promotional exhibition attracts leading distributors, strong business partners, and potential target audience. Those who are ready to invest in services or purchases of goods. It is at such events that you can find many clients. Therefore, it is so important to stand out from the competitors, especially for a budding entrepreneur. An effective optimal tool for presentations is to order professionally trained personnel. Models for the exhibition from the advertising agency VLADpromo are a guarantee of a successful presentation and attracting attention.

By contacting our company, you get not only experienced employees who understand all the intricacies of holding grandiose exhibitions, important meetings, large-scale events. Each model has an attractive model appearance 90-60-90 and height from 170 centimetres, charm, charm and sociability.

What is the responsibility of the model

Correctly selected employees will become an effective live advertisement of the promoted product, service, brand. The main goal of BTL models is to interact with visitors to attract business partners.

It is no coincidence that managers and marketers of large firms take the selection of employees for exhibitions very seriously. After all, the tasks of models include not only advertising of goods. The main goal is to leave potential consumers positive emotions about the company.

Models for the exhibition perform the main functions – creating a comfortable, positive atmosphere at events. Such criteria of girls as beauty, intelligence, ability to communicate – do not leave anyone indifferent. This is not just a pretty “cover”. They are assistants, knowledgeable in the specifics of products, dedicated to all the nuances of competent presentation of information.

The first impression should be positive. Models can create a pleasant environment, draw attention to the stands, be active promoters, leading dialogues. VLADpromo agency is a segment leader in Kyiv in the field of providing professionally trained models for exhibitions, presentations, advertising campaigns, business negotiations. The girls have extensive work experience, have a higher education, and speak foreign languages.

The duties of the models at the exhibition include:

  • provision of personal information about the product, service demonstrated at the event;
  • attraction of guests to the stands;
  • meeting visitors and their registration;
  • interactive communication;
  • encouraging the target audience to purchase goods;
  • benevolence, attentiveness to each visitor;
  • formation of special images of promoted brands;
  • the desire to arouse interest in the ongoing promotional campaign;
  • holding lotteries at the site;
  • service, including offering visitors snacks, drinks;
  • timely replenishment of the rack;
  • coordination of visitors with referral to the desired employee or area;
  • distribution of business cards, leaflets, booklets;
  • performance of a presentation, action, competition in conjunction with the company’s experts.

Large-scale exhibitions are quite important events with a variety of exhibitors. The visitor does not always manage to go around the entire site. In such a situation, the girls will hand over an invitation or a price list. Employees demonstrate a willingness to help, are welcoming, visible and persuasive. The addition in the form of unique eccentric costumes invariably arouses interest, which means it evokes a positive image.

Models – the organization of the event at the highest level and the face of the company

The market of models for the exhibition is replete with a variety of choices. Customers can select temporary employees, both for certain levels of knowledge and for external data.

At the request of customers, casting is carried out, with the possibility of choosing girls according to the following criteria:

  • type – taking into account the products being promoted (models with a business appearance are suitable for the presentation of an elite brand, bright, extraordinary models for a youth brand);
  • level of knowledge of a foreign language;
  • communication and creative skills;
  • achievements in the field of fitness;
  • height, body parameters;
  • and much more.

The final choice depends on the tasks assigned to the models. They can not only advertise products, but also become full-fledged representatives of the company, take pictures with guests of the event, and disseminate the necessary information. Each of our girls studies the specifics of the brand, its competitive advantages and features.

The decision can be made independently or with the help of managers. An extensive database of models will allow you to select employees for any exhibition, taking into account the direction of activity, the concept of the event.

Benefits of working with us:

  • carefully selected employees – each model goes through several stages of an interview, with an assessment of the level of communication, external data;
  • extensive experience in the fashion industry, with many completed projects;
  • an up-to-date database of experienced, professional models;
  • unique concepts with a creative approach;
  • adequate cost of the service – prices strictly correspond to the requirements and obligations imposed;
  • possession of techniques for successful sales;
  • prompt selection of models, taking into account customer preferences;
  • carrying out the highest quality advertising campaigns, exhibitions, PR actions;
  • an individual approach to everyone, with a careful study of the concept, the specifics of the company, wishes;
  • effective advertisements for upcoming events;
  • conclusion of agreements;
  • well-delivered speech of employees, photogenic;
  • a well-deserved reputation among large and small companies – we work with many on an ongoing basis.

The agency organizes exhibitions both national and international. Professional managers are constantly in touch, supervise the event, become competent coordinators in achieving the set task and real companions.

Types of models

In addition to the core function, our one-stop employees are excellent at other assignments. You can choose girls based on the theme of the event. There are several categories:

  1. Body art. Models with tattoos on their bodies work with visitors to the exhibition.
  2. Costumed. Throughout the event, employees wear bright, eye-catching outfits.
  3. Go-go. Performing graceful, incendiary dances in exclusive clothing.
  4. For work in a showroom, shooting in a catalogue, video clip, magazine, for podium display.

Regardless of the choice, you will get the result you hoped for and even more expectation. The cost of the service will be justified by 100%. Your company will be noticed, and your business will enter a new stage of development. Models will become your real pride, the highlight of the event.

You can order models for the exhibition by phone or by filling out the application form on our website. Portfolio and price list for the service are provided. Charming female employees are a chance to conduct the right marketing policy. Take advantage of it!