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Non-standard promotions

Non-standard promotions – promotions that do not resemble any type of traditional promotions. Projects of this type have a more complex mechanism, but at the same time, the effect of such advertising will not have to wait long. Such a promo action bright flash will attract interest in the advertised product.

Non-standard and “boldness” of the promo-action attracts customers, confirming that the implementation of products is not only profitable but also art.

It is necessary to remember the increased risk of such advertising if you make a mistake in one of the mechanisms. If during the standard promotion it is possible to predict the result, then in cases of the non-standard project it is not necessary to analyze. It should be noted that most non-standard promotions, if successful, can claim a place among the classic types.

For example, once the advertising of a product in a film was a non-standard, original and wild decision, and now a trivial type of advertising in film and television. But here is the use of such advertising in books as a novelty and it is too early to say about the effectiveness of this method.

Examples of non-standard projects

The point of advertising is to shock, frighten or surprise a potential buyer. It is necessary to connect all the fantasy in the organization of this promotional event. Conducting as follows: promoters transform into dummies (or other images) and freeze in one position, seeing the potential consumer and suddenly “come to life” advertising the product. Venues can range from supermarkets to homes. We offer to attract uninhibited young people for the promotion campaign.

Advertising in unusual places

Suitable for advertising personal hygiene products. For example, offering to try deodorant or new tampons in one of the supermarket departments will be ridiculous. But placing stands with such promotional material in WC cafes and restaurants will be the right solution.

нестандартные промо-акции