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Order promoters in Kyiv

The right choice and motivational component of promoters ensure the success of the promotion and the loyal attitude of the consumer to the advertised TM. Therefore, the order of promoters in Kyiv must be approached responsibly.


Who is a promoter?

Promoter – a person who promotes products in various ways: by distributing leaflets or engaged in the promotion of goods, services. This is a profession for young people who want to earn money temporarily.

What does the promotional staff do?

The promoter introduces the potential consumer to the benefits of the advertised product or service. Attracts attention to the product and answers competently to the questions posed by interested people. Before starting the selection of promoters in Kyiv, it is necessary to clarify the purpose and task of the promotion, in which case you will imagine the image of people who should advertise this product. So, the appearance of promoters is of great importance.

Preference will be on the side of people who look natural and not defiant (piercing, tattoo, hair color, hairstyle, etc.) and young people are welcomed with enthusiasm. Do not forget that participation of persons under 21 in the advertising of alcohol and tobacco products is prohibited.

An important factor, in addition to external data, are communication skills, the brighter they are, the higher the effectiveness of an advertising campaign. Determine the sociability of the candidates by the criteria: a quick answer to a spontaneous question, the absence of speech defects. Non-conflict and stress tolerance are also welcome.

To order promoters in Kyiv, please contact our advertising agency, and we will gladly organize you a high-quality distribution of leaflets, an effective promotion! Order promoters Kyiv has a loyalty system, the larger the order – the more discounts.