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Partisan marketing techniques

  1. Hooligan stamps on money (not real) – put a stamp on the bill with an interesting phrase such as “With us, you will get rich!
  2. Stationery stickers – people, paper multi-colored squares are associated with always important information, such advertising will be noticeable.
  3. Postage stamps – the more stamps the better the chances to be remembered, the greater the impact on the consumer’s consciousness of the large envelope with advertising.
  4. signs at the entrance – hang up the same signs, adding information about you to them.
  5. Pay upfront – for example, to a store teller to give your business card or flyer with a check
  6. Attract attention – organize a fake picket with banners “this business is excellent”, “this company employs only professionals”.
  7. Comments – comment on all Internet posts about your company, very good PR.
  8. Business cards – think outside the box, let your business card be found, for example, by a student in a library book.
  9. Stickers – should attract the eye of the passerby, but not be perceived as advertising.
  10. Temporary tattoos – use them at mass events, people will talk about it for more than one day.
  11. Promo-actions – hold a couple of free promo-actions.
  12. Calendar – the necessary thing, and if it is placed in the office of a popular company or even in the lobby of the hospital, you will have a free PR agent.
  13. Windows of cars – make an advertisement on the window of the car and stop on the red color will bring income.
  14. Sponsorship – not as expensive as it may seem at first glance. Your slogan will be on the whole promo-material of the evening. Plus, your presence will be useful.
  15. Congratulations – in the form of a letter or postcard. Always stay tuned, and customers will appreciate your small but pleasant gesture.