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Place of advertising (flags and banners)

Advertising in the city

If you need to interest the buyer in taking part in any action or event, that is, make him your active client, then street advertising is best suited. Why? Everything is simple: it concisely and vividly informs the buyer about the benefits of a product or service.

Street advertising is also different. It is one thing when information comes from shop windows, billboards, signboards, and quite another is advertising, in which people are involved. This type of advertising is more effective since it is simply impossible not to notice it. It is for this that there are people who waving flags and banners.

Place of advertising

The advantages of this type of advertising are many. For this information to attract attention, people who wave flags and banners must work in crowded places. The choice of location depends on the target audience, which is focused on the manufacturer. Most often these are shopping centers, parks – effectively this type of advertising works near the place where you can use the service or buy a product that is advertised. The client will not only see the advertisement itself but can also immediately take advantage of the benefits it offers. This state of things is beneficial to everyone: the advertiser increases their turnover, and the client does not miss profitable opportunities.

Advertising in the city for residents is not a novelty or something special. She meets at every step. Therefore, to attract the attention of a potential client is difficult, but possible. Another advantage of the work of people who wave flags and banners is that the advertised information about a product or service does not hang constantly in one place and, as a result, does not cause a person to stop responding to it. Since people are involved in this type of advertising services, the information that you want to convey to your customers changes their location and is more likely to get into their field of vision. On the one hand, this is unobtrusive, and on the other, it allows customers to get the maximum information they need on-site at any time. There is no need to go somewhere for clarification or to call. He learns everything that a potential client needs to know from people holding flags or posters with your advertisement.

Thus, this type of advertising services increases the buyer’s interest in purchasing your products but does not annoy him with his obsession. As a result, you get:

  • mobile advertising that covers many of your potential audience
  • unobtrusive presentation of information. If a passer-by is interested, he can get additional help from advertising media
  • a potential customer can immediately use the advertised services or goods since the people who wave flags and banners are located not far from the advertising venue.

Advertising flags and posters work much more efficiently if they are held and worn by specially selected people. Your advertisement does not hang dead weight but works for you and makes you profit. Advertising on TV or the Internet has as its primary goal to provide general information about your product, service or company. It only introduces the potential client to what you offer. However, further, it is necessary to attract him, to encourage him to take advantage of the offered promotions and services. This is already the task of street advertising, in particular – people who waving flags and posters.

People who waving flags

An important condition for the effective delivery and operation of this type of advertising service is the correct selection of people who will be entrusted with the role of carriers of flags or posters. First, they should attract rather than repel buyers. On this depends the expected results and profits. Such people should be sociable and positive. They will have to answer the same questions many times a day, so stress resistance is one of the main criteria in the selection of such people.

The task of people who wave flags and posters is to attract the attention of as many people as possible to your products or services. Such people should be easily trained to convey advertising information to potential clients, and in case of additional clarifications – to be able to provide it in the most advantageous light, so that passers-by quickly decide to use the services offered to him.

The company “VLADpromo” has been working with this direction of advertising since 2011. During this time, we have developed effective schemes of its distribution, which will allow us to achieve maximum results in the shortest possible time. Having ordered from our company such kind of advertising services, you can count on the productive organization and qualified selection of the personnel. Experts of “VLADpromo” in the first place put work on result and do everything that you have received even more than expected.