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Personnel for the exhibition in Kiev

The personnel for the exhibition in Kyiv is a key figure in the company’s participation in presentations, exhibitions, conferences. And as exhibitions become a more and more relevant and important tool in marketing, more and more brands are participating in them, it becomes more difficult to find personnel. Professionals are “snatched up” by competitors. Therefore, it is important to start preparing for the exhibition in advance and hire the best specialists who will adequately represent your brand.

Holding an exhibition: advertising, informing the audience, and the opportunity to express yourself

Exhibitions have become popular for a reason. For a company, this is a great chance to make itself known, present its products to a wide audience, make useful contacts with partners, contractors, and contractors, and get publications in the media.

The exhibition provides that the company demonstrates its products or services visually. Viewers can walk up, feel it, or even try it. But the main thing is that they will ask questions. An interested client wants to get as much information as possible about the product, brand, its advantages and disadvantages (and even more about the latter and you need to be able to answer the question about the negative sides). The presentation of the product, the function of informing is taken over by the personnel who work at the exhibition. These are promoters, hostesses, stand assistants. Other advertising agitators are also involved in work at exhibitions – PJ’s, body art models, extras actors.

Personnel for the exhibition in Kyiv is a key success factor

You can prepare for the exhibition for a long time, develop promotional materials and invest a lot of money in the design of the stand, print very high-quality, bright, and effective printing products. As a result, everything will come down to how you will be introduced by the staff who will work at the stand and the entrance to the exhibition space.

Companies select personnel to work at exhibitions according to standard and private criteria. In turn, we will consider the check – these things concern all employees, promoters, hostesses, models, and stand attendants.

The main qualities and skills required by the staff for the exhibition in Kyiv:

  • sociability. Working in the advertising field involves communicating with people, therefore, sociability, competent speech, and the ability to speak with a stranger without hesitation are the main qualities for promoters;
  • politeness and benevolence. It is necessary not only to talk with visitors but also to establish contact with them, to arouse sympathy. Therefore, the staff at the exhibition cannot afford to be rudeness and rudeness in communicating with the audience;
  • responsibility, discipline. A study was conducted – office workers were asked only one question, what quality in a colleague you cannot put up with? There was only one answer – irresponsibility. This also applies to other areas, including advertising. Large agencies are ready to work only with those promoters who always clearly fulfill their responsibilities;
  • neatness, neat appearance. It will be used to evaluate your company as a whole;
  • resourcefulness, the ability to improvise. The guests of the exhibition will ask questions, sometimes tricky or not fully related to the product – the task of the promoter, stand assistant, the hostess is to politely answer and find a way out of any situation;
  • stress tolerance. The work at the exhibition involves a whole day (8 or more hours) and is in constant stress. Not all guests will be positive, they may be rude or try to lead you to aggression, or unintentionally annoy you with a million questions. Stand assistants and promo models should be ready for this and stay positive all the time.

Depending on the wishes of the customer and the specifics of the exhibition, there may be additional requirements for the personnel. For example, an international exhibition requires stand attendants and hostesses to be fluent in English. If computer products, information products, mobile applications, IT companies are presented, the customer may quite justifiably require young people or girls with technical education to work at the stand – they will be able to study the products in more detail and correctly present them to guests. 

Personnel for the exhibition in Kyiv: who is needed?

Most of these employees are involved in the exhibition:

  • hostess. The girls who pass through the entrance, escort to the stand, answer organizational questions. These are exactly the employees who answer the awkward question of how to get to the toilet, tell you where to drink coffee. Their task is to provide comfort, create a friendly atmosphere and motivate them to come to your stand and learn about products. At the stand, there are promoters or company employees who know about the product and are ready to answer any questions about it.
  • promoters. They are involved in distributing leaflets, advertising brochures, and merchandise on the territory of the exhibition. It is also possible to attract promoters with flags and posters, but they work in front of the entrance to the exhibition space.
  • promo models. They work at the stand and basically, they are key figures of the company at the exhibition. Therefore, the requirements for stand attendants are maximum. Appearance, figure – this is important and girls with model regimes are selected for work. But much more important is communication skills, the ability to tell and present products so that the guest wants to buy it or sign a long-term contract. Separately, among the categories of promo models, models for body art are distinguished; they are also often attracted to exhibitions.
  • promoters with flags and posters. They often work not inside the exhibition center, but away from it. Their task is to draw the attention of the audience to your company even before it gets to the exhibition.
  • PJ’s. Beautiful girls dancing to rhythmic music are guaranteed to attract attention. And if the go-go dancers are next to your stand, some attention will shift to the product as well. The PJ’s will perfectly fit into the atmosphere of car shows, sports goods and training equipment, mobile applications or cellular communications, and more.
  • extras to create excitement near the stand. When people see a queue, they already consider the offer to be profitable, scarce, and attractive in advance. Therefore, even a few people who will create a promoter around your stand and ask questions will become a magnet for all guests of the exhibition.

Where to find personnel for the exhibition in Kyiv?

Advertising agency Vladpromo will help you find professional staff who will adequately represent your company at the exhibition. Vladpromo has a huge database of its promoters, promo models for work at the stand and body art, actors for extras, and PJ’s who are ready to go to work at the right time. The company will conduct training and familiarization with the product and monitor the work of the personnel at the exhibition in Kyiv.