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Projects for extras 

1) Extras for filming a promo video “Teacher” for Euro – 2012.

Format: Extras for filming a clip

Period: 2011.

The advertising company in the interesting easy form shows, as representatives of different professions, not in a word, and practice get sick not only the Ukrainian football players but also Ukraine, carrying out the business in preparation for the Championship. The project is based on the understanding that some things and events truly unite the people of Ukraine. One of such phenomena, certainly, is the Ukrainian football. Videos of the new promo-campaign transmit the spirit of the Ukrainian people Concerning the Joint Efforts in preparation for the upcoming “Euro – 2012”. Promoting the thesis that “the victory of the Ukrainian team is the work of every citizen”.

For carrying out of shooting, our company has given 50 persons, various ages, which changed clothes and sat in a hall in the role of various working professions.

2) Filming of the program «Everything will be fine» with the extras.

Format: Extras filming 

Period: 2012, 2013.

Entertainment family show useful tips “Everything will be okay” – it’s easy, relaxed cognitive format. In the project, you will hear tips on how to change your life for the better.

The show combines the interests of women and men in the management of the economy, raising children, organizing a family budget, self-care, culinary skills, etc. The experts of the program give practical advice, which can be applied in everyday life and at home. Solutions of house and family problems are demonstrated.

Also, during the program, the spectators from the hall are involved. The program includes experiments: women’s decor in the studio, spots, lampshade, make exercise, dinner, etc.

For filming gears, our company provided 40 people, very cute, attractive, beautifully dressed, different ages, who sat in the hall as spectators. The extras in Kyiv were held for 6 months.

3) Filming of the program “Ukraine has talent” with the extras.

Format: Extras filming

Period: 2011, 2013.

“Ukraine has talent” – an analogue of the acclaimed American show America’s got talent (“In America there are talents”) – Started in Ukraine in the spring of 2009.

Everyone with a desire and talent could take part in the talent show. Age, place of residence and social status does not matter! If you knew how to sing, dance, play musical instruments, perform complex circus tricks, amuse the people who speak the same language as animals or birds, and in general, you can just fascinate the audience with his performance – that’s for people and was this show, the best way to open up to the whole country.

4) Extras, actors of mass scenes for sketch-show “Which day already”.

Format: Extras, actors of mass scenes 

Period: 2013.

Sketch-show “Already which day” is a fun, entertaining show, which consists of 19 fascinating series of show director – KVNshchik with 20-year experience, actor and director Ashot Keshchyan. The project was initiated and implemented by ActivVision in co-production with the News Channel.

5) Extras for filming for the STB video

Format: Extras filming

Period: 2013.

The filming took place at the beginning of 2013 in Kyiv. We selected and engaged more than 100 people of different ages, who served as walking residents of the capital.


За время существования RA VLADpromo мы осуществили множество ярких проектов по массовкам и актерам массовых сцен, которые принесли не один позитивный отзыв. За все годы работы мы дали жизнь более чем 50 массовочным проектам, которые не оставили никого равнодушными. Сотрудничаем с известными продакшенами,а также популярными телеканалами. Проводились сьемки не только юмористических шоу, но и массовка на сьемки фильмов, рекламных роликов, заставок, телесериалов, розыгрышей.  Рассказывать и писать о наших проектах можно долго, так что вы можете просмотреть все фото с мероприятий в разделе — Проекты.