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Promo girls

A variety of promotions are often used to introduce future consumers to goods and services.

At the same time in the form of easy communication talk about the benefits of the product. Advertising agency “VLADpromo” acts as a company providing advertising services of the widest range.

The effectiveness of advertising stands, exhibition installations and print advertising increases dramatically if promo girls are involved in the event.

Who are the promo girls?

  • • Such an advertising method allows you to contact each potential customer, answer his questions, present the features of the product or service.
  • Serious preliminary training is carried out with each employee, eliminating errors in communication with future consumers and inaccuracies in the description of goods or services. In the form of training, the potential effectiveness of the promotion event is evaluated, and the dialogue script and key moments of communication are polished to the smallest detail.
  • The increase in efficiency directly depends on the correct choice of the target audience, so customers in a soft, unobtrusive form are invited to familiarize themselves with the benefits of the product of a firm or company. Few will refuse to pay attention to a beautiful, friendly girl who, in an accessible form, has provided maximum information about your company. The correct selection of the target audience is the key to the success of such an advertising company.

The young team of professionals, which is the foundation of Vladpromo, will select the most suitable scenario for an advertising event in which promo girls will be used. A thorough study of the specifics of the goods or services offered is preliminarily carried out, the target audience is determined, and the general concept of the advertising event is developed considering the wishes of the customer.

Various types of promotions are available:

  • distribution of leaflets;
  • promotion of a trade brand in a supermarket chain;
  • providing exhibition promotions;
  • tasting and corporate events;
  • presentations and gift-giving.

By participating in promotions, promo girls from the VLADpromo company provide the maximum return on the target audience, and, accordingly, 100% success, thanks to the highly qualified employees and practical experience in organizing events.