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Promo model of Kyiv as a kind of advertising of your business

Model the situation in which you are in the stage of developing a significant advertising project for the further development of your business. Do you urgently need bright and creative ideas to promote your product or service, and the source of inspiration has long run out?

Modern advertising agency Vladpromo specializes in providing a wide range of advertising services, including promotional models in Kyiv. Experienced and qualified employees, who know many ways to attract the attention of potential customers, are selected for advertising events. Visitors to exhibitions and guests of the presentations will not remain indifferent to the participating promo models.

Промо модели Киева

Is it worth attracting models for promotions?

The sufficiently specific type of advertising, where to attract the attention of customers used female beauty and charm. It will cope with the task set before the advertising agency; it will not be easy. Only a competent organization of the campaign will allow you to avoid a negative reaction from consumers, causing them only positive emotions.

Only trusting professionals can you be sure of the success of the event, when invested in advertising funds fully justify themselves and bring the desired result to the customer. Models for demonstrations in promotions should be involved in a mandatory manner if their participation in this process will be relevant.

Variants for ordering promotional models from Vladpromo

  • The most original and extravagant way to attract customers’ attention is body art. The bodies of the models are covered with original drawings, which are surprisingly combined with the presence of the logo or the name of the company. Such an advertising campaign will always be appropriate near an equipped stand, colorful presentation or a fun party. Interesting and memorable advertising move that can leave long and positive memories of potential customers;
  • Girls of promotional model “go-go” are also in high demand among customers. Dances during advertising campaigns have nothing to do with striptease, the models have the task to reproduce staged stage dance. For such actions, girls with good choreographic skills are selected, they are dressed in clothes with the symbols of the advertised company. The performance is held during the promotional event, for which the appropriate rhythmic music is selected;
  • Promo models are actively involved near the exhibition stands, helping to make a presentation of the presented goods, they are dressed in bright outfits, and visited, get an opportunity to take photos with them. As a result, there is a visual memory of the event, where in addition to the beautiful girl in the photo will be visible company logo and branded products;
  • Costumed models can be used for theme parties, festive corporate parties. Presence of models helps to set the tone for the whole holiday, attracting the attention of many participants of the event.

Промо модели Киева, реклама вашего бизнеса

How many girls’ models can be attracted to the promotion?

If the standard presentation near the stand with products or equipment is assumed, one model will be quite enough. For dance shows, it is better to choose participants who can make up a single cohesive choreographic team. Promo models at events can be present in an unlimited number, depending on the scale of the action.

The most suitable number of participants can be determined by contacting an advertising agency, where experienced professionals will help to understand the principles of organizing advertising projects.

The scenario of participation of promo models are studied in detail, the corresponding outfits and entourage are sewn. The models themselves should be beautiful, slim, radiating joy and inspiration. Before the action, a special rehearsal is held, which allows you to exclude any shortcomings that may arise during the presentation. The apparent lightness and confidence of the models are minimal improvisation and maximum professional training.

For the successful development of business, the use of female beauty and charm is considered an acceptable form of attracting clients. People will always want to watch a well-performed promotion campaign again, i.e. the photo and video material they have left will always be revised again. The cost of the advertising project will be fully justified by the expansion of markets for goods and services and the attraction of new customers.