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Promoters in the life-size puppet in Kiev

Promoters in the life-size puppetBright, original, and most importantly, effective advertising is the key to successful business. And in this field it is impossible to overdo it and the motto “the more the better” is appropriate.

One of the effective methods of attracting the target audience is using promoters in life-size puppets, the effectiveness of which is noted by many customers.

An outgoing and sociable person dressed in a life-size puppet attracts attention and causes positive emotions, thereby disposing to the receptivity of information. This means that the degree of interest in the advertised products is increasing.

Promoters in the life-size puppet in Kiev

A promoter puppet can be made in the form of a cartoon or fairy-tale character, a movie hero or in the form of a company trademark. Such themed costumes are sewn, in most cases, higher than human height, which increases the degree of attractiveness.

The main task that is assigned to the animator is to attract potential customers, create a positive image of the company and the recognition of the advertised product. Promoters in life-size puppets create a positive attitude and the general background necessary for the receptivity of the presented product or service and the successful presentation.

Where can I order a promoter in Kiev and what functions does it perform?

Engaging an animator is effective in many promotions. The services of promoters in life-size puppets can extend to the following activities:

  • When distributing flyers or leaflets;
  • As a host for a promotion;
  • During tasting events, advertising shows, theatrical productions.

They will help to realize any advertising project due to their bright and flashy appearance. Such characters are really popular at children’s events and celebrations. We have the best promoters in Kiev who have professional skills and extensive experience in advertising campaigns of various kinds.

Promoters in the life-size puppet Vladpromo

Features and benefits of cooperation:

  1. The customer has the opportunity to discuss all the details of the event, including props and script. The success of the action depends on the vastness of information about the work of the company, the advertised product or service.
  2. Vladpromo Promoters, thanks to an affordable price, are available not only to large business companies that are not constraining themselves in budgetary funds, but also to start-up companies and small owners of public institutions, forced to minimize their costs.
  3. The staff of our agency includes trained and experienced promoters in dolls who can quickly establish contact with the audience and find a common language with the visitors of the event, set people up for positive emotions, and create a warm and cozy atmosphere. Their courtesy, friendliness and endurance are the key to the success of the promotion in any crowded place in Kiev.
  1. All customers who used our services of promoters in puppets were satisfied with the result (increased sales, the number of new customers, the effectiveness of advertising).

A variety of puppets for promoters

Animated costumes are made to order and can be of several types:

  1. Fixed on shoulders. The human head is located in the torso of the puppet; for viewing, openings for the eyes hidden from prying eyes are provided. This type of manufacturing allows you to create a high and noticeable from afar costume, the upper point of which is significantly higher than the average person’s height.
  2. Fixed on the head. The puppet’s head is removable and is worn directly on the animator. This costume is available for close contact with the audience, increasing the degree of communication (children and adults like to be photographed against the background of an interesting character, shake his hand and use other types of contact).

The professionalism and creativity of Vladpromo promoters make it possible to successfully apply in practice any of the proposed types of costume. The only thing you should pay attention to is that a tall puppet is not suitable for small shops, it is more advisable to order it for large shopping centers or for a street demonstration, where it will not hamper the movement and annoy visitors of the action with its impressive dimensions. The comfort and convenience of people cannot be sacrificed.

Contact Vladpromo and we will familiarize you with all the subtleties and help you choose the best costume for a puppet promoter, with professional skills that can easily create a positive image of your company and increase brand recognition. Competitors will be far behind. We guarantee you success and productivity of the action!