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Promoters with flags, posters

Promoters with flags, posters are a special category of agitators who work at promotional events: promotions, exhibitions, events. They wave flags or print products and attract the attention of passers-by. Do you think it’s easy? But no! Therefore, the most responsible, disciplined, and physically strong promoters are involved in such work.

Promoters with flags, posters – for the broadest possible information of the audience

Promoters, or agitators, perform a variety of marketing tasks. In particular:

  • introduce the brand, make it recognizable. The next time a person sees the name of a product on a shelf in a supermarket, a brand logo, it will already be familiar to him, which means it will be closer in comparison with completely unknown companies.
  • inform about new services, companies, or special conditions for the purchase of goods (discounts).
  • remind of the company. The more often a person hears about a brand, sees its logo, the more likely it is that when choosing a product, he will choose exactly a familiar trademark that visual advertising reminded him of.
  • beckoning to go to a store, cafe, office, mall.
  • stimulate to make a purchase.

This applies to any promoters – distributors of leaflets, flyers, advertisements. However, promoters with flags, posters, and banners have a huge advantage. Through them, you can provide greater audience coverage. If, when distributing leaflets with information about a brand, only the person who took the advertising banner sees its logo, then all passers-by will notice the logo and the name of the brand/product on the flag.

Промоутеры с флагами, плакатами

Information on bright flags and posters unobtrusively attracts the attention of a potential audience, is easily counted and perceived. Moreover, if a flag, a banner is attached to a pole, it has such magic. The passer-by’s gaze slips over it without stopping. But if living people are standing with the flag, this is a completely different matter. It’s all about the psychology of attention.

Don’t believe me? Now try to remember your daily route to work. You can remember how many boards, signs, posters, and ads. 95% you will not remember and will not be able to say what is written on them. But if a person with a poster meets on your way, you are distracted from your smartphone and take a closer look at what is written there.

Another advantage is the availability of additional information. You see additional data. You can just walk up to the promoter with a flag and ask questions, that you want to know. Now put yourself in the advertiser’s shoes: is it profitable for you to immediately satisfy the client’s interest? Of course yes!

For which events are promoters with flags, posters suitable?

Promoters with flags, posters, banners work in a variety of marketing activities. It can be a promo-action arranged by you in honor of the opening of a new outlet, the boutique, another gas station in the chain, or a restaurant. Flagmakers and banner makers may be involved in work at exhibitions to attract passers-by to visit them. Very appropriate, spectacular promotions with the participation of promoters with flags at sporting events, concerts, mass celebrations.

Flagmakers work along roads, at intersections, open areas in front of the entrance, parking lots. An important condition is that they can be seen from afar.

What points to pay attention to?

When arranging a promotion with flags and banners, you need to take into account the following points:

  • place of the action. The area along which the promoters move should be as visible as possible, both near and from afar. At the same time, flags should not interfere with passers-by and visitors to a shopping and entertainment center, stadium, or restaurant.
  • the time of the action. As practice shows, the optimal time for such activities is from 9 am to 7 pm, when the illumination level on the street is maximum.
  • the number of people involved in the advertising event. Determined by the goals and scale of the action, the liveliness of the street.

The number of person-hours (how many promoters are involved and how long they work, how many days the marketing activity lasts) also depends on the budget of the promotion.

Requirements for flagmakers and banner makers

Working with a flag or banner on the street is not easy. It provides for high physical activity, you need to constantly move – promoters not only wave flags but also move around the site. Therefore, physically strong and healthy guys are attracted to her, who can withstand a long time of active work under the scorching sun.

The second factor is responsibility and discipline. If your promoters, instead of waving the flag, stand in the shade with it and smoke or stick to the phone, the effect of the promotion will be the opposite. The attitude towards agitators is always transferred to the brand as a whole. Also, if promoters are late for work, they can create great difficulties for the entire organizational process. If flags, promotional materials, leaflets are delivered to the points, and the driver has to wait for one latecomer, the time management will be completely disrupted.

The third factor is sociability and friendliness. Passers-by who are interested in a promotion, product, or trademark will ask additional questions – the flagmaker’s task is to own information about the company and be able to competently and find answers. Openness, sociability, the ability to win over, politeness – these are the basic requirements for all promoters, whether they work with the flag or distribute printing materials near the metro.

Finally, an attractive appearance is important. If a promoter looks untidy, dirty, not well-groomed, how can he present your brand?

Promoters with flags, posters: cost of services

Promoters get paid hourly. Everything is extremely honest: how many hours a person worked. That is, you do not need to keep several people on the staff. The cost of the services of the personnel who work at promotional events with props is affordable. In the capital, it is 80-100 UAH per hour.

Where to order professional promoters with flags, posters?

The easiest way to find responsible, disciplined, and outgoing promoters and flagships is to contact an advertising agency. There is a base of employees with which the company has already worked and can guarantee that they will do their job perfectly. If we talk about Kyiv, we recommend that you contact the Vladpromo full-cycle advertising agency: you will quickly find the required number of promoters who are ready to go to work on the same day. If necessary, they will conduct training on familiarization with your product and organize control over the flags. Plus, they will consult and advise on how best to carry out an advertising campaign and even take on all the hassle of organizing it on a turnkey basis.