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Promotion models, hostess, stand hostess for exhibitions in Kiev

Promotion models are attractive girls and boys with a model appearance who provide a product or service to a particular company or at events of the exhibition, presentation or display format. Young people who are taking their first steps in the modeling business, students, people with attractive external data and the ability to present themselves to others are invited to such job. Promo models in Kiev should be tall, slim and attractive. The height of girls should be from 170 cm, boys from 180 cm. Of course, exceptions are allowed, but those who want to work in this profession should be guided by the specified parameters. The main task of the models participating in the exhibitions is to attract the attention of others, for which women’s beauty and charm are fully used. However, in fact, such models have quite a lot of responsibilities, and therefore each model should even be trained.

промо модели хостес киев

The main types of promo models in Kiev exhibitions

For different events, companies need different options for the work of hostess girls.There are several professions that invite girls with a model appearance to create a good company image for potential clients and partners:

  • Models at the company stand. They participate in company product presentations. Usually girls take pictures with guests near their stand, briefly inform about the advertised company. Stand hostesses are used at receptions, exhibitions, presentations, and any other events where there is a need to install an information stand. At the international presentations and exhibitions, they communicate with guests in English and attract foreign customers.
  • Body art models. The organizers put drawings on the bodies of girls (boys), which makes an incredible impression on the guests of the event. It will be difficult to ignore an almost completely naked girl with bright drawings on her body.
  • Go-go models. Models with choreographic skills are needed for this job. In the process of advertising, girls will need to perform certain dance movements on the stage. Performances of promotional models can be individual or group.
  • Costume performances. Models can wear costumes appropriate to the holiday theme. This direction is well suited for thematic exhibitions and presentations and also outfits have the ability to attract the attention of others. Such a promotion requires more preparation, as the costumes should ideally fit the models in size.

In what situations may hostess girls be required at the Kiev exhibition?

Vladpromo agency specializes in the selection of girls with a model appearance for their subsequent work at events of various formats. All models have an attractive appearance, communication skills, the simplest communication skills in several foreign languages and the ability to cope with their tasks. The main task of the hostess girl is to focus the client’s attention on the advertising product, meet visitors, decorate a certain place during the festive (advertising) event. Attracting hostesses in Kiev for exhibitions, the event organizer expects to receive benefits such as:

  • Commercial success. The hostess becomes a temporary face of the brand, represents the company’s products in the best qualities, attracts a huge number of potential customers. In general, you can get the maximum effect from the event. Do not ignore the opportunity to attract girls with a model appearance to the presentation.
  • The credibility of the agency. The growth of sales, the signing of new contracts, the increase in profits are the result of an increase in the image of the company, which in the era of digital technologies is formed on such qualities as a properly organized and well-presented presentation. Attracting hostesses of girls is something new and modern for customers, so they can immediately show goodwill to the company.
  • Make an impression. You can produce the best product, provide the most needed service, but not have the proper level of sales and the desired number of customers. Often, it is the first impression of the company that affects the further choice of the consumer, forming a positive or negative image for him. It is very difficult to change the client’s opinion for the better, this will require maximum effort. It is much easier to form a positive attitude towards yourself (your product) at the initial stage, having a colorful presentation with the participation of hostess girls with a model appearance.

модели промо хостес киев

How models selected for exhibitions at the Vladpromo agency?

The company provides the client with the opportunity to choose models for his project. Before entering the agency database, girls and boys go through several stages of selection that evaluate their appearance and sociability. Depending on the future project, the customer can order hostesses with certain skills (dance skills, vocal skills, knowledge of English, visual achievements in the field of fitness). The agency has its own makeup artists, photographers, professional presenters and DJs, it is also possible to select costumes and rent sound equipment.

Stand hostesses for Kiev exhibitions

At first glance, the girls should not do anything special. They should just stand near the stand and attract the attention of customers with their appearance. In fact, such work is much more complicated than it might seem at first glance. The model should maintain a good mood throughout the entire time of the presentation, be polite with customers, be able to correctly answer questions of interest. Stand hostesses in Kiev exhibitions should have certain communication skills, be able to communicate with customers, competently give answers to the questions posed. Before the presentation, they take a short training course, gain general knowledge about the advertised product and about the company as a whole. The duration of the presentation can be about 6-8 hours. During this period, girls should maintain their attractiveness, not show visitors fatigue from the event. That is, the model must have the qualities of endurance, be beautiful in any circumstances.

The correct selection of models

The appearance of the girl should be combined with the advertised product. Not only clothes, but also hair color, makeup, behavior, should be appropriate. Therefore, the selection of models is carried out taking into account the format of the upcoming event. In addition to external beauty, experience and the ability to show oneself are taken into account. If foreign guests are expected to come to the exhibition, then it is imperative to select models with knowledge of English, the ability to answer the simplest questions, present the advertised product in the best possible way. The agency’s database contains a large selection of girls with a model appearance who work in their field or study in Kiev. An application for an event (attracting models to present your stand) should preferably be submitted in advance. Spent time on preparation will allow you to better select staff for the event. This will eliminate the possibility of unpleasant surprises. Vladpromo is fully responsible for the models it offers. The agency conducts a thorough selection on a competitive basis. The girls who are offered for work will absolutely meet the requirements of the customer. They will be able to fully meet his expectations and make the company’s advertising in the best possible way.