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What does a modern consumer need?

What does a modern consumer need and what trends are now popular? In this article, we will try to find the answer to these popular questions that all marketers ask.

1. Involve the buyer in the process.

In the modern world, a potential consumer is an integral part of an advertising campaign and success depends on him in many ways.

The leading position is occupied by the so-called game marketing, which involves the consumer in the process of endless purchases by attracting multi-profitable offers. The catalyst for this marketing move was the Internet, through which the game becomes endless.

2. The consumer evaluates absolutely everything

The modern consumer is experienced and spoiled. The choice rolls over and it is often very difficult for a person to perceive advertising information. And therefore, most people are guided by the advice of people, often unfamiliar, bloggers who advertise the product in disguise, referring to their experience interacting with this product. This is how a viral advertisement that instantly captures the attention of every person appears.

There is only one conclusion – it is necessary to cooperate with bloggers, and it is best to maintain your own blog with them.

3. The modern consumer wants not to buy, but to take for temporary use.

The advantage of this approach:

– human does not depend on material;

– for the full price of one product, the consumer will be able to try several products;

– allows people to live above their prosperity, and owning (albeit not for long) an expensive thing gives a lot of pleasure.

4. Impressions of the purchase.

In the modern world, there is a catastrophic lack of positive impressions that many companies use this knowledge to their advantage, turning the purchase into an exciting adventure.

A non-trivial approach to selling gives you the inevitable guarantee of success. For example, promotions at the time of buying.

5. Offer goods for free and get rich.

Many companies provide their products or services completely free of charge and at the same time get rich (sampling). In fact, they earn money by placing advertisements on the proposed product, and also lure customers to buy their product. This approach allows you to promote the company and increase its success.

6. Good service.

Service is often a key factor when buying a product. The consumer wants the highest possible quality both from the goods and from the service. You can always use promo models and hostess for shopping service.

But sometimes the consumer is guided by the literary phrase “the customer is always right” and really goes too far. Therefore, you must know your rights.