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What does our modern consumer need and what tendencies are popular? In this article, we will try to find the answer to this popular question of all marketers.

1. Involve the buyer in the process.

In today’s world, the potential consumer is an integral part of the advertising campaign, the success of which depends largely on him. The leading position holds, so-called, game marketing, which involves the consumer in the process of endless shopping enticing multi-benefits offers. The catalyst for such a marketing move was the Internet, through which the game becomes endless.

2. All-valuing consumer.

The modern consumer is experienced and spoilt. The choice goes beyond the limits and the person, at times, it is very difficult to perceive the advertising information. And that’s why most people are guided by the advice of people who are often unfamiliar, the so-called bloggers who submit advertising goods veiledly referring to “their” experience of interaction with the product. Thus, it turns out to be viral advertising.

The conclusion is the same – bloggers need to cooperate, and the best way to keep your blog.

3. The modern consumer wants not to buy, but to take on temporary use.

The advantage of this approach:

– A person does not depend on the material;

– For the full price of one product, the consumer will be able to try several;

– allows people to live above their wealth, and to own (though not for long) expensive things gives a lot of pleasure.

4. Impressions of buying.

In today’s world, catastrophically, there is a lack of positive impressions that many companies use this knowledge in their favor, turning the purchase into an exciting adventure.

Not a trivial approach to the sale and success in your pocket, for example, promo shares when buying.

5. Offer the product for free and get richer.

Many companies provide their products or services completely free of charge and thus get richer (sampling). They earn money from advertising on the product they offer and lure customers to buy their products.

6. Good service.

Service, often, a key factor in the purchase of goods. The consumer wants the highest quality both from the goods and services. To service at purchases it is always possible to involve promo-models, hostesses.

But, sometimes, the consumer guided by the literary phrase “the client is always right” is simply overbending the stick. So that it is necessary to know and their rights.