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Sneaking into the movies

Scaling in movies from “VLADpromo” – qualitatively and quickly!

Movie shuffling is an important part, against which the action of the storyline unfolds. Do you want the participants of the mass scene to meet your criteria? Do you need to know how competent the VLADpromo team is and can we be trusted? Then we will tell you how we work.

Selection of the correct massaging requires the solution of many problems. Everything starts with communication with the client. Now in Ukraine, Russia and other CIS countries constantly shoot films of different genres: from melodrama and youth comedies to thrillers and films about war. The beginning of the search for candidates for the mass media depends primarily on the theme of the picture. The choice of types and their behavior on the set also depends on the topics and ideas – we have seen this over the years.

Why should you contact the agency “VLADpromo”?

  • The special system of selection of actors with experience and without, developed by our team, allows finding quickly the necessary types of actors;
  • During the activity, we have worked out the base of masking which constantly replenishes. Professional skills of many of them are checked up in business repeatedly;
  • Operative selection and the organization of theextras in Kiev. It excludes failure of terms and does not suppose additional material expenses of the customer;
  • Coordinators and organizers “VLADpromo” are the qualified experts. They have repeatedly confirmed their knowledge in practice and are ready to demonstrate their potential many, many times;
  • Before shooting our team conducts explanatory training both for inexperienced actors and for professionals. This allows not only to discipline, but also to adjust the actors to the working way. This approach gives amazing results – the participants follow all the director’s instructions without being too fussy: clearly and quickly;
  • We have a reserve base of actors. Its members are always ready to take part in the shooting if necessary. Everybody has force majeure and sometimes approved candidates may miss the shot. Having spare actors in stock, we ensure both you and us, so that the project, regardless of situations, will not suffer.

Photo-example of the extras in cinema:

Массовка в кино

How to shoot in the extras for movies

By customer request, our team also finds candidates with special skills: singing, dancing, playing musical instruments, sports and other achievements. The fee for the services of such actors is slightly higher than that of other actors.

It happens that in the scenario there is a certain type with clearly described features of the face and/or physical data. There is nothing impossible for the “VLADpromo” team, so the necessary type will be found, except that it may take a little longer to find it. Use our service to select and order massaging actors: