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Stand makers for an exhibition or event

Stand makers – activities that are considered to hostesses’ services.  In the most basic concept and concept of stand makers, the most common are young girls and boys who present services and goods at events such as exhibitions. These events can be of different types and types. The main tasks of a standmaker include meeting and personal support of each visitor of the exhibition or presentation. Also, the stand assistant advises visitors, demonstrates and tastes, and finally presents the product in conjunction with a marketing plan developed by marketers to him (the procedure of presentation or display of goods or services in such a way as to most effectively increase conversion – a quantitative assessment of the effectiveness of advertising). Clothes for standmakers are often provided by customers, as it is necessary to create an atmosphere of the inalienability of a person representing a product or service, thereby increasing brand recognition. As for the style of clothing, it is retail from time to time, the main criterion is attractiveness and visibility. Increasingly, customers are looking for stand makers with artistic skills who can perform a dance or a small theatrical act.

Among the tasks to be performed by a stand maker, the most important is to become the face of the represented brand or company and make a good impression on potential customers and/or customers. Ability to attract the attention of an inherent attribute of a stand-maker, but do not underestimate some points, for the successful work of a stand-maker are important and many other features and criteria, appearance, adequacy in the subject of products and services, for a tolerant presentation and provision of true information.

Our stand makers have a good command of the colloquial foreign language, which allows them to speak at various international events. It is not a secret that the beauty of a stand maker’s girls significantly contributes to attracting the attention of potential clients, but it should not be forgotten that the main task of stand makers is to provide information to the buyer about goods or services, promotions, purchase options and benefits for customers. The ability to convince is highly appreciated, so brands that need girls or guys stand makers, preferably employ only trained and participated in exhibitions of girls and boys.

Stand makers of the advertising agency VLADpromo are very well versed in the modeling business. We have our base of models in Kyiv of any type and under any kind of advertising campaign. In this regard, the applications left by the reserves, which need the services of stand makers, are carried out very quickly in the shortest possible time. Thus, the quality and final efficiency of an exhibition do not suffer in any way.