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The casting of children in Kyiv

There are no age restrictions in acting, and if a child has the potential, earlier the parents start to storm the castings, the more chances they have of not losing their starring role.

What is the specificity of children’s castings? What do parents need to know? The basic rules of castings for kids.

What parents need to remember is that their child is beautiful and talented, even if he did not smile at the last casting. Nervous and angry at the child from the fact that he did not live up to your hopes and did not fulfil your childhood dream, he has everything ahead of him!

How to prepare your child for casting:

1. A well-groomed appearance of the child.

2. The child should be fed and sleeping well – in this case, he will not be capricious and crying, the casting will take place without extra nerves in all the people involved in the auditions.

3. Keep sweets and your favorite toys close by to avoid trouble and keep your child in a good mood. A smiling child has a smile to his side!

4. Pay attention to your child, talk to them about what is coming. Let the child theoretically be ready for casting and many people. In this case, the chances of the child being lost and embarrassed in front of the cameras are slightly reduced.

5. At the casting, children are asked to pose in front of the camera, to tell a poem, to act out a scene and to support the conversation. Work on this with your child. Your child should be ready for this.

Requirements for children are much easier than for adults. The main thing for your child is to be sociable, easy to contact and not afraid of the camera.

Casting up to the age of 15 is childish. Preparing for the upcoming career of a star, do not hurt to spend time studying acting, it will help your child not only in the overall development but also in the rapid transformation of the stage.  Register your kids on the service: