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The hostess is the mistress of the hall

модели промо хостес киев

модели промо хостес киев

Let’s consider and emphasize the importance of the position of Hostess, because often this position is underestimated by restaurateurs, and most establishments have not yet got such an employee.

And for nothing, because it is not just the person who occupies this position is also called “Mistress of the hall” in rare cases, “Master of the hall”.

Sometimes the absence of such a position can be justified by the small flesh or specifics of the institution. But more often, restaurants do without this position to save money or misunderstand the owner of the importance of this person. In these establishments, this role is performed by regular waiters.

But if the position in the restaurant still exists, often the work of the hostess of the hall is underestimated because this person has such an important job – it is he who can turn the visitor into a fan of the institution.

Duties Hostess is not the same everywhere they depend on the specifics of the institution. But most of the following you can successfully use in a restaurant of any type.

What a good job Hostess

The success of the hostess can be determined in a few minutes of communication with visitors, so to say the moment of truth from which will depend on the opinion of the favorable or these guests you will never see in your elegant restaurant.

Remember your favorite place, where you would have been if you had the opportunity. Why did it become dear to your heart? Did you feel like a necessary and beloved guest? Even the splendor of the cuisine will not overshadow the royal address to the guest, isn’t it?

This is the task of the Hostess, to do everything in its power to make the guest feel the need to come to this restaurant again.

The main thing in all the work of the restaurant is to give a feeling of joy and desire to see each other again for their guests. A smile is the most important element of your connection with the guest!

Remember that in this institution you are the Hostess and welcome your guests as you would in your home. When relatives come to your doorstep, you welcome them at the door, take an interest in their affairs and sit them down. You offer a variety of drinks and treats. At the end of the evening, you thank the guests for their time and invite them to visit you again. So, your job is to make the client a friend and frequent guest in your institution.

Meeting and seating

As the hostess is the face of the restaurant, he is obliged to do everything possible to make the visitor feel its importance and that he is sincerely welcomed:

1. Meet the guests at the door, open the doors.

2. Seat the clients within 30 seconds.

3. start the conversation with the guest first, to avoid awkward pause.

4. contact the guest by name, this will create a friendly atmosphere.

5. Use different greeting options. The speech should be clear, but not poor.

6. Look into the eyes, make visual contact.

7. A smile should not only be permanent, but also appropriate.

8. Keep an eye on the posture, always be prepared to welcome guests.

Stages of seating for guests:

1. Find out the number of guests and special wishes for a table.

2. bring spare clean menus for guests.

3. Ask visitors to follow you to their table.

4. walk next to the guests.

5. If the guest does not like your choice of table, quickly make a replacement.

6. If babies are present, first sit the adults down, then bring crumb chairs and toys. Always let your guests know you will be back before you move away from the table.

7. Offer a detailed menu.

8. Remove any extra appliances from the table.

9. Use professional vocabulary when offering drinks.

10. Introduce the client to the waiter who will serve them by name.

11. Wish your guests a pleasant time in your institution before you leave.

These were the basics of proper operation of the hostess. Our work is our smile and friendliness to the client. Order a hostess in Kyiv in our agency and you will get highly qualified staff for any event!