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Tips for a novice actor of mass scenes

For starters, go live in a city where the film industry is developed and filming of various TV-projects is, as a rule, metropolis. Naturally, you can also live in a small peripheral town, but in this case, the chances of success are very small, because mobility plays a big role in this industry. In order not to disrupt the filming process, the actor’s replacement with a crowd can be found in a matter of minutes and here will play a big role as soon as you can appear on the set.

The next thing you can try is to become a member of Youneed ( Register on the site and specify your details. Dozens of new vacancies are placed in the “Casting” section every day.

Ads and casting are moderated, so you can be sure of their relevance and honesty. Often, looking for actors of mass scenes, a little less often there are vacancies for occasional roles.


Now it is necessary to actively monitor the proposals on the service. As soon as you get a proposal that will interest you and will fit your schedule does not slow down, write to the specified email address or call the contact phone number. If you are suitable for the role – great, no – do not despair and look for other offers.

After a few refusals, you may have an opinion that your appearance is simply not suitable for filming or it is not suitable for cinema.

We assure you that this is not the case, because you need different types of people to shoot: beautiful people, nerds, Asians and blacks, old people and children, skinny and overweight, people with disabilities, etc.

You must be ready for the late approval of your candidacy for the role. You should come to the set 30 minutes before the appointed time, follow the instructions and do not interfere with the filming process. Strive for professionalism, on how you show yourself depends on your career. After all, if you are easily and efficiently invited to work with more than one project and you may soon become a full-fledged actor.