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Top 5 rules for effective leaflet distribution

One of the most progressive and effective methods of outdoor advertising is the distribution of leaflets on the street. On a small colorful piece of paper contains all the necessary information for the consumer (potential client) of the company, advertising campaigns, discounts and actual offers. However, the leaflets need not only to be properly made but also competently distributed to people, causing them a certain interest in the advertised product.

Эффективная раздача листовок Vladpromo

The basic rules of distribution of leaflets, where to start?

Not today, there are many ways to distribute an advertising product on the streets of the city. Methods may vary depending on the specifics of the company, the wishes of the customer, allocated for the campaign budget and the goal pursued. That is, the method of distribution is chosen based on the goals set. The leaflet has several advantages over other ways of transmitting outdoor advertising:

  • The information available on the leaflet should not be remembered (all data will be contained on paper, which the client will take with him);
  • If the information contained in the leaflet is of interest to the person, it should not be rewritten, it will always be at hand;
  • If necessary, you can always find a leaflet to use the information it contains or give it to a friend or acquaintance.

The effectiveness of the leaflet depends not only on the quality of the useful information it contains but also on the fact that it is given to the right people at the right time.

ТОП-5 правил эффективной раздачи листовок

Distribution of leaflets Vladpromo – when advertising works for you

Before you start distributing leaflets, you should pay attention to some rules that affect the effectiveness of this process:

  • The performance of the promoter. It is advisable to involve only competent and trained people in the work. Before the start of the distribution of special training, where the promoter is given detailed information about the quality, properties and characteristics of the advertised product (service). Attention is paid to the characteristics and advantages of the product. Special training is conducted to overcome objections from clients, techniques and methods to interest people;
  • How many leaflets should be distributed? Distribution of small amounts of leaflets makes no sense. Based on statistical studies, the maximum efficiency of leaflet distribution is no more than 10%. Therefore, experienced experts recommend starting with the volume of not less than 10 thousand leaflets for one campaign;
  • Choose the right place and target audience for the distribution of leaflets. Choose a lively place with a large human flow, allowing the promoter to “sift” clients on the external signs (gender, age, etc.). During the distribution of leaflets, the promoter should quickly select a potential client from the crowd and hand him a leaflet;
  • Advertising. In the leaflet should be expressed one main idea. Written text in the leaflet should be brief with reasoned simple and understandable words. Arguments should be presented to prove the correctness and expediency of the choice. It is not possible to give too many details, as well as to overdo it with the design, everything should be simple and clear;
  • The leaflet should be logical. It is enough just one glance to understand the purpose, type and advantages of the proposed advertising product, that is, there should be a compositional and logical clarity of information transfer to the client.

These features of the distribution of leaflets will guarantee the desired result, increase the number of customers and increase sales of goods and services.

What is the main goal in the distribution of leaflets?

Advertising products received from the promoter should be saved by the client and not thrown into the first garbage can. Distribution of leaflets in Kyiv from the company Vladpromo involves the creation of an advertising product with a certain value. If the promotional product will allow getting a discount, the client will save it, even if there is no intention to use this promotion.

Distribution of leaflets is not an affordable process, as it will seem initially, the success of the advertising project is guaranteed only in the case of a professional approach to the performance of tasks. The apparent speed of contact between the client and the leaflet distributor, in fact, makes deep sense. Therefore, the training of promoters is often given more time than spent on the campaign itself distribution of flyers.