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We choose the best places for the distribution of leaflets in Kiev

On the right choice of the place of distribution of leaflets depends largely on the success of the entire advertising campaign. In the capital of Ukraine, there are many suitable places where a large crowd of people can identify and attract potential customers. To give out flyers choose places where people often gather or pass, it can be lively streets and avenues, shopping malls, subway stations and public transport stops.

Leaflets can also be distributed in traffic jams, at traffic lights with prolonged parking (relevant for the relevant topics of the advertising product). Distribution of leaflets can be held in any busy place in Kyiv, for each case, the approach will be selected individually.

Выбираем лучшие места для раздачи листовок в КиевеВыбираем лучшие места для раздачи листовок

When and where not to distribute leaflets?

For the distribution of the promotional product is relevant to the right choice of time and place of distribution. It is not necessary to choose the early morning and late evening hours for the advertising campaign; the ideal time is lunch break time. Among the days of the week, it is better to give preference to weekends (does not exclude the possibility of distribution of advertising on weekdays). Quiet dormitory areas, where people’s access is very low, should be excluded from the distribution area at once. Also, public transport should be excluded, leaflets should be distributed in one place, and not run with them on the subway cars.

Distribution of leaflets in Kyiv, what do you need to know?

If in the city are significant festive events, major sporting events and other significant events, which will be attended by many people falling under the category of potential customers advertising campaign, should take advantage of the situation. It is important for a promoter to navigate well in the city, to know the location of the busiest places in the city, major shopping centers, cinemas, exhibitions, stadiums.

Also, you should be able to correctly assess the client audience, choosing from a moving mass of people of their potential customers. For example, the target audience of the advertising campaign is young and motivated men aged 25 to 40, car owners. It is better for the promoter to settle down at the parking lot of a large shopping center, and distribute leaflets to men of the appropriate age, going out or entering the parking lot.

Лучшие места для раздачи листовок в КиевеВыбираем лучшие места для раздачи листовок в Киеве Vladpromo

Distribution of leaflets at the subway – the busiest places in the city

The metro is used by several hundred thousand people a day in the capital city. There are always a lot of people that will not prevent you from choosing a convenient place for the distribution of leaflets. Promoters should not interfere with the citizens, creating an obstacle on their way, so the best choice of place will be the entrance/exit from the subway station. Such many people allow you to quickly and effectively distribute leaflets. It is better to choose a morning rush to work and a lunch break for the distribution of leaflets. In the evening in the subway people go more tired, so little attention is paid to the proposed advertising product, respectively, the effectiveness of such distribution will be less.

Distribution of leaflets at the shopping center – quickly and efficiently

If someone does not use public transport in Kyiv, then almost every person goes shopping for food, household goods and things. Entrance to the shopping center – it is one of the most promising places for the distribution of leaflets, here you can easily pick up the necessary audience of potential customers and give them an advertising product. Distribution at the mall has several significant advantages:

  • Covers all strata of the population in terms of social and age indicators;
  • Distributing leaflets to the shopping center, the promoter gets the opportunity to emphasize the individuality of its advertising product and to distance himself from potential competitors.

Distribution of leaflets Vladpromo is carried out by experienced promoters, who do not stand long in one place, trying to interest in advertising as much as a possible target audience. Excluded any complaints from the administration of the shopping mall, promoters do not interfere with the work of sellers, and bright information leaflets are seldom thrown away by customers. Employees are constantly monitored during the distribution, including video surveillance, at any time their work can be checked.

Distribution of leaflets at stops

A tedious waiting period for public transport to arrive will allow future passengers to obtain the necessary information. If the client has a bright leaflet in his hands while standing at the stop, he will take half a minute to study its contents. Transport movements occur regularly, and therefore, people here are updated with enviable consistency, so the stops have become one of the most suitable places to distribute leaflets.