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Regular sticking of ads in the same areas of the city, allows you to achieve fame and popularity of the advertised product among the target audience. If you need to buy this type of goods, the potential consumer is likely to stop at the product from advertising.

This type of campaign is cumulative in nature, and we recommend combining the trivial sticking of leaflets with various promotional activities. It is necessary to “fit in” the potential consumer with bright leaflets and short, quickly memorable phrases.

It is necessary to think carefully about how to carry out such, at first sight not difficult, advertising campaign.

Below we will give you a few recommendations, following which you will achieve maximum success in promoting the brand (Advertising agency VLADpromo – Stick your ads):

  1. Advertising, posters are most profitable in the following areas: rent / sell various real estate, advertising services, providing repairs, advertising hot offers chain stores, etc.
  2. It is necessary to find out the target audience and where they are most often.
  3. Adhesive advertising is best carried out on notice boards in sleeping areas, stops, and specially designated places (city park, square).