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What are snapshots

Often, serious castings of well-known companies can only be made after a portfolio has been selected. What kind of mistakes made by photos prevent you from becoming the face of a famous brand?

что такое снэпы

Let’s consider how to turn the imperfection of appearance into a highlight of the model:

✖ Nose shape.

Avoid hard angles, so that you do not avoid magazines.

✔ The right light to help you. Photo at the window and the correct make-up (light stripe along the nose), photo in half a turn and snap underneath – that’s what the model needs. It is also necessary to consider that customers are afraid of open nostrils.

✖ The roundness of the face.

The correct shape of the model’s face is a triangle of the face – pronounced cheekbones and an acute chin.

✔ The elongated neck, slightly lowered chin, half-turn angle emphasizes cheekbones.

✖ View.

Our models are recognized by the sadness in the eyes. Sadness is dangerous, it gives a riddle, but at the same time emphasizes the boredom of an individual.

✔ From extreme to extreme. Widely opened eyes and a smile in them or penetrating cold.

✖ Lips.

A closed mouth, tense lips – a symbol of restraint. Often an appropriate image. A smile is good only if it is perfect.

✔ Relax your lips, you can close your teeth. Work on the mimicry in front of the mirror, find your perfect smile.

✖ Posture.

The model is characterized by a straight back.

✔ Straighten your back! Show in the frame your waist and smooth transition to the hips.

✖ Full feet.

The camera shortens the legs and adds volume.

✔ Do not wear pantyhose for snacks, especially shiny pantyhose. The camera that shoots should not be higher than the model’s waistband.