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What is an event agency?

The event industry is actively developing in Ukraine. This concept includes such celebrations as weddings, corporate parties, birthdays, anniversaries, presentations, exhibitions, conferences, seminars. An event agency is a company specializing in similar organizations, entertainment events, and promotional events of various formats.

What are the advantages of an event agency?

First of all, it is an invaluable experience in organizing such events. A potential client insures itself against the occurrence of any unforeseen situations, there is always a «plan B» in the company for such cases. The agency works well with contractors, they have contacts with professional artists, florists, decorators, photographers, and presenters of the event. The organizers not only have access to the database but also have full knowledge of each participant’s experience and expertise. It is difficult to determine the competence of the invited artist using a photo or video materials, but the agency specialists have the necessary experience in such selection. The event agency employees are well aware of the potential of each employee invited to work.

How to organize the event in the right way?

Organizational processes mean a lot of phone calls and meetings, the company specialist has to take into account a lot of all possible details and nuances necessary for the celebration of a high level. It is always necessary to have a fallback option, working with people takes a lot of effort and time, and certain issues simply cannot be solved without adequate experience and knowledge of the system. In the work of the agencies, it is obligatory to use the contract with the client, where detailed stipulations of liability of the parties, rights, and obligations of the client and the company of the organizer of the event. In case of any problems in working with artists and other persons involved in the event, the client can always expect to receive material compensation.

Possible shortcomings of event agencies

This business area is quite new for Ukrainian business, therefore the risk of facing non-professionals remains high. Such people do not have the proper working experience, therefore cooperation with them carries significant risks to the customer. Take a close look at the agency’s selection, read the company’s reviews, find out the time of its work in the organizational services market. There is a biased view that applying to the agency incurs additional costs for the client. Such a claim is fundamentally misleading, with agency fees ranging from 10 to 15 percent of the total contract amount. And given the possibility of a professional company negotiating a discount, the overpayment may be close to zero.

event agency

Why do you have to deal with event agencies?

If you have ever tried to organize an event on your own, you know how many difficulties you have to face. Another strong argument for choosing professionals is the speed with which an event is prepared since in most cases the decision to hold an event comes at the last minute. Agency staff is often required to work in a limited time frame, which also causes additional difficulties in organizing activities. Events are organized for important life events and can also be timed to certain types of business development. Therefore, if you do not succeed in holding the exhibition or presentation on your own, you cannot contact the event agency and fix everything. This is equally true for weddings, anniversaries, and birthdays, and mistakes made in the organization will be irreparable. Therefore, it is not necessary to try to save the minimum amount and spoil the entire event, such risk is not justified.

How to choose the right event agency?

To exclude the occurrence of any problems associated with the choice of the company organizer of the event, to avoid unplanned material losses, several simple recommendations should be followed:

  • Consider the experience of the agency. Just check the date of registration of the company, this method does not give a 100% guarantee, because experienced employees can move to young companies, and incompetent personnel are hired in their place, but such information can give certain data;
  • Read real reviews about the agency’s work and do not be too lazy to leave your comment after cooperation. On the company’s website there is always a section “Reviews” or “Our clients”, here you can get a lot of useful information;
  • Study the catalog of services provided and the list of contractors. Such a list should contain the most useful information, for example, about work experience, participation in competitions, the availability of awards and prizes;
  • You can also read the company’s website, it’s tell a lot about the seriousness of the agency.

Do not be afraid to ask a lot of questions, demand additional information, ask about warranty and liability. Each agency is interested in clients, so it tries to provide the most favorable conditions for cooperation.