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What is the job of a stand maker girl?

For each company participation in exhibitions and presentations implies certain financial investments. Also, included in the calculation is the need to return the money spent in the future and make a profit. To achieve the result can only be achieved with the correct organization of the advertising process. Competently present the products placed on the stand, attract the attention of visitors to the exhibition will help girls stand maker. Beautiful, slim, young and cheerful, such employees will be able to correctly advertise the goods presented at the stand.

В чем заключается работа девушки стендистки

What is the work of a stand maker?

To be the face of the company, even for a short time, it is always responsible and honorable, so the requirements for the appearance and sociability of the girl will be high. No matter how beautifully decorated the stand is, it can be ignored by most users, so it is necessary to take all possible measures to attract attention to it. A stand maker is a young girl of model appearance, with communication skills and good speech, able to attract attention and answer general questions of clients. It is wrong to think that the tasks of a stand maker include only the presence and conquest of others with their smile.

Its task is to attract the attention of customers, clearly, communicate to them the necessary amount of information about the advertised product in a compressed form. She invites you to visit and get acquainted with the booth of the advertised company, establishes the first contact with a potential client, holding a brief presentation.

All interested in the products (services) of the company clients, the girl sends to the sales manager. Her duties include quickly and accurately answering frequently asked questions and determining the degree of customer interest in the advertising product. As a result, a stand maker does the following work:

  • Begins the process of familiarization with the company’s products;
  • She chooses from the general mass of the interested clients, sifting out holiday yawns;
  • Creates a positive image of the company, which it advertises;
  • Stimulates the growth of sales and profit;
  • Renders the effective help in the work of the manager of the company.

работа девушки стендистки

Why are the services of stand makers in Kyiv in high demand?

In the capital of Ukraine to advertising product the raised requirements, for the message of the useful information to the consumer use various techniques of attraction of clients are shown. In the process of organizing exhibitions, presentations and displays of their products, companies’ representatives strive to maximize the rational use of the site provided to them, so use the services of stand makers. A beautiful and well-prepared girl will help the company to achieve success in the exhibition event, strengthening its image.

Where can I order a stand maker for the event?

Advertising agency Vladpromo specializes in the selection and training of staff for advertising campaigns. Here they select beautiful, slim and competent employees, provide them with bright costumes, teach them how to work with clients. Vladpromo stand makers will fully meet the expectations of their employer, make a good impression on customers, make the exhibition a real festive event. The agency has a wide base of employees with whom it cooperates temporarily or permanently. If you want everything to go flawlessly in the organization of the event, the stand makers will become your loyal assistants in solving the tasks.

How to paid stand maker girls?

The cost of a girl’s work depends on her tasks, the time of the campaign, as well as her skills and abilities (foreign languages, communication skills). Each customer hopes to get back the money invested in the advertising project quickly. Practice shows that the return of funds and the amount of profit in the form of increased sales and attracting new customers depends entirely on the quality of the proposed advertising product and the competence of the girl stand maker. The price for services is established in advance as any project demands time for preparation (studying of the information on the company, manufacturing of clothes with a logo of the company, drawing up of the suitable scenario). A girl should be fully aware of the information about the advertised product, be able to clearly and competently answer frequently asked questions, keep herself free and confident.