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Which glue is best suited for advertising?

Advertising is a way of effective advertising that has been tested for decades. But more often, after a short period at the place of sticking, we do not even find a trace of the ad. This is accompanied by many reasons, but one of them, it would seem, the most primitive, is the use of unsuitable glue for sticking out.

Often, stickers operate the first caught in the store glue, the same exposing the advertising campaign too low efficiency or even to absolute failure.

How to prevent a fiasco and choose the right glue?

First, make sure that the product you choose is suitable for paper. After all, how well it will cope with the task depends on what material it was created for. Now there is an abundance of adhesives designed for specific materials – glass, wood, various polymers and are naturally designed for paper. Make sure that this type of glue is suitable for your needs.

The next thing you need to pay attention to is how long it takes to start working. After all, there are glues, which have a great time setting the surfaces after its application. For such work, it is necessary to choose glue with the maximum speed of work.

Not a little bit important factor is the temperature at which the sticker is carried out. Many types of glue at minus temperature refuse to work, simply lose their properties. In this case, it is necessary to choose glue proof to low temperatures. On such a principle, it is necessary to choose and in hot time, here glue of higher density intended for high temperature will approach.

The price policy is also important. After all, the use of expensive glue for ad sticking will lead to a higher cost of the promotion.

Thus, the choice of the right glue for sticking was a whole art, on which the effectiveness of the advertising campaign depends.

Answering the question posed in the title of the article: Which glue is best suited for advertising? We recommend using PVA glue. After all, this glue has all the above qualities: it glues a lot of surfaces, primarily paper and wood, creating a solid glue seam, there are many types of PVA for different temperature conditions, low price policy.

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