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Who are the promo models?

Promo models are highly qualified promoters who combine the work of a regular model with work in the field of marketing and advertising. Girls and guys of good looks with the appropriate parameters represent a variety of promotions, thereby promoting the promotion of any advertising product or company services. There are various ways to promote a product: from distributing leaflets, tasting a product, to advertising a kind of whiskey in a nightclub. These methods of advertising are paid in different ways, by the effectiveness of the work done.

Varieties of work

Working as a promotional model involves several subspecies:

  • Body art model. The girl attracts attention with catchy drawings made using a technique called body art. It can be both advertising slogans and intricate emblems of companies or products.
  • Models at the stand. The responsibilities of this type of model include communication and photos with potential buyers, a vivid and memorable verbal presentation of the product.
  • Models in suits. In this way, models at various exhibitions or conferences, holiday events attract attention. Thematic outfits of girls are used to focus the attention of as many visitors as possible.

Do not flatter yourself, even if the model has an outstanding appearance and beauty, this does not mean that the road to the position of a promotional model is open to her. Indeed, without work experience in this area, it is quite difficult to work. It would be more appropriate if, for starters, the model tries itself in more unpretentious actions, such as distributing leaflets or tasting products in shopping centers. The invaluable experience gained during the work, which can conditionally be called “preparatory”, will certainly come in handy in the future.

промо модели Киев

VLADpromo will ensure the success of your event

Any event, regardless of the subject: whether it is a noisy party, business negotiations or a gala concert – will be boring and poorly organized if there are no main persons of the holiday who can qualitatively inform, take care of you, and ensure maximum comfort. This task is designed for girls’ hostesses.

Hostess girls working in the VLADpromo company are perfect as promo models for the exhibition. They will be happy to assist visitors, register guests of the exhibition, ensure the timely distribution of booklets and, if necessary, accompany the guests. Education, friendliness, sociability, resourcefulness and tolerance – these are not all the advantages of working with our models. The VLADpromo company guarantees ease and absolute success to your event. Trust the hands of professionals! The tasks that we set ourselves, offering hostess services are:

  • an individual approach to each of our customers;
  • clarity and discipline of the organization of the event;
  • efficiency and resourcefulness of the event;
  • a sense of seasoned style and measure.

To find promo models (guys, girls) of remarkable appearance in the VLADpromo company is not a problem at all. We will be happy to find staff that meets all your requirements and preferences.