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Why do you need girls’ stand makers at your stand?

Зачем на Вашем стенде нужны девушки стендистки Suppose your company decided to take part in an exhibition, set up its stand there, but you don’t know how best to attract the attention of potential customers to it?

Have you decided to organize a small memorable show near your booth, create a certain flavor, emphasize the merits of your products?

Then you will be helped by the stand attendants of Vladpromo, a well-known Kyiv advertising agency engaged in the selection of personnel for such advertising campaigns.

Beautiful girls with a model appearance will be an effective incentive to attract attention to your products, and the best advertisement for your stand:

  • Beauty will not leave anyone indifferent;
  • Harmonious makeup, presentable costumes;
  • The presence of attributes and logos of your company.

All these methods are an effective incentive to attract the attention of potential customers, such a choice will be a win-win option for an event of any format. For the work, female models with good communication skills, competent speech and the right tact are involved. They will be able to best represent your company to others, as a result, your stand will not remain on the sidelines of general attention.

девушки стендистки Киев

What can girls stand attendants do?

However, the work of girls is not limited to attracting the attention of clients to themselves. They will always help to provide customers with a minimum amount of information about the company’s work, freeing managers from the need to answer standard questions from visitors.

If the need arises, brand products can be demonstrated by girls right at the exhibition, staging this action in the format of a small show. The work of stand exhibitors should be considered as an integral part of an advertising company to attract potential customers to their products. The task of the girls is to create a favorable impression of the presented products and the brand.

Stand makers in Kyiv – financial investments that will quickly pay off

Each company that sets up its stand at the exhibition should understand that stand-up workers are not a reckless waste of money or a tribute to fashion, but a competent and promising investment in PR promotion of a project that can guarantee a financial return. The money spent on attracting girls will be relatively small, that is, achieving the desired result will be possible to realize the minimum cost.

What kind of profession is a standmaker?

Modern advertising is significantly different from products produced 5-10 years ago, it has become more high-quality and improved. Such changes are associated with increased competition in this market area and the development of technology. For those who want to keep up with the times and keep up with their closest competitors, one should use all available methods and means to promote their brand. Even the most innovative and high-quality products may remain unclaimed if information about them is not conveyed to a potential customer.

It is customary to call a young man or a girl of attractive appearance, located near the stand with the products presented at the exhibition, forum, display (product, service, technology, software). Presenting the products to others, the stand maker gives her a brief description, can answer several simple questions, providing a reasonable and understandable description of what he advertises.

How many stand makers are needed to carry out promotions?

The number of project participants depends on the size of the stand and the desire of the customer. For a small show, 1-2 people will be quite enough, and for large-scale reproduction, it will be advisable to attract a whole team. The stand is entrusted with the task of advertising the stand, and not closing it with many representatives, so do not overuse too much staff. It is advisable to order the service in advance, this is due to the need to prepare for this presentation, to learn the necessary information about the advertised company, to sew costumes with the brand logo.

Most often, it is girls who are attracted to advertising the stand, their natural beauty, grace and femininity are considered a win-win option for influencing potential customers. A beautiful girl always attracts the attention of others, they will pay attention to the product advertised by her. Also, the proposed product will subsequently be associated with beauty and grace in people.