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Category: Articles

Tips for a novice actor of mass scenes

For starters, go live in a city where the film industry is developed and filming of various TV-projects is, as a rule, metropolis. Naturally, you can also live in a small peripheral town, but in this case, the chances of success are very small, because mobility plays a big role in this industry. In order not to disrupt the filming process, the actor’s replacement with a crowd can be found in a matter of minutes and here will play a big role as soon as you can appear on the set. The next...
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Advertising in elevators

Advertising in elevators (advertising, posters), compared to a new method of advertising TM or service providers. The freshness of this advertising idea positively influences the perception of potential consumers of the information contained on the stand, surface. This type of advertising is subject to “forced viewing” in a confined space, which affects the popularity of goods among consumers unconditionally. Information of advertisers is placed separately to make the effectiveness...
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Advertising is the engine of commerce

Many of its types are helpers not only in business but also in many areas of human activity, although it is an “engine” for commercial activities. Why advertising is the engine of commerce The main purpose of advertising is to sell, but there are types of it aimed at propaganda to improve public life in general. The so-called social advertising that touches the problems of our time (drugs, alcohol, sexually transmitted diseases, domestic violence, and much more). The main role in this is...
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Distribution of leaflets for car wipers

The layout of advertising material for car wipers. In Kyiv, there is a very effective method of product promotion. This method of providing advertising information is convenient in places of accumulation of cars: parking, parking, traffic jams at rush hour. Distribution of leaflets for car windshield wipers is convenient to carry out in car-care centers, near insurance companies and specialized auto shops. In this case, leaflets can cover many cars in a short time, which will have a positive...
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Distribution of leaflets (flyers) in mailboxes

Distribution of leaflets (flyers) in Kyiv (business cards, price lists, mini-catalogues, booklets) in mailboxes – fast and cheap PR, rapid informing of potential consumers about new promotions or opening of a new store. нового магазина. Distribution of leaflets and flyers in the mailboxes is quite old, but still an effective and relevant method of promoting a new brand or service because it has several advantages, namely: the speed of distribution of printed...
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Developing an advertising campaign strategy

An important aspect of the organization of an advertising campaign is the organization of a development strategy. After all, the success of the project depends on the right strategy. Working out of strategy of the advertising company is monitoring of all possible both positive and negative factors which can influence carrying out of an advertising campaign and possible methods of their decision. At the beginning of strategy formation, it is necessary to be defined with the purpose and the...
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Development of marketing strategy

During the market relations, not only the independence but also the economic and legal responsibility of the enterprises has increased. This has also influenced the role of competition as the main mechanism in the trade arena, surviving the strongest. And to stay in the game it is necessary to use strategic thinking and implement a brilliant plan in life. Strategic planning is necessary for the mobile response of a developing firm to changing market trends. The company, for success, should...
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Advertising on the street

Proper organization of the advertising campaign will help accelerate the development of new projects and maintain the popularity of existing ones. Advertising agency “VLADpromo” is ready to take care of the development and implementation of advertising projects of any complexity. We provide a full range of advertising btl-services, and one of the most popular in our agency is deservedly considered the distribution of advertising on the street. Key principles of street advertising...
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Distribution of leaflets on the street in Kyiv

Distribution of leaflets on the street is a popular form of advertising. Distribution of leaflets can be a full-fledged advertising campaign, and one of its components. This type of advertising is ideal for the promotion of a new TM, informing potential consumers about a new product or special offer. The effectiveness of such an action depends on several factors, the main of which are: place and time of distribution of leaflets; content and appearance of advertising material; promoters...
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Distribution of leaflets at the crossroads of Kyiv

Distribution of leaflets at intersections will ensure maximum coverage of the target audience of potential consumers. Such advertising will help to promote your business, and we will help in the implementation of advertising ideas. It should be noted that the most effective distribution of leaflets at intersections in rush hour when the maximum number of cars on the road. The most effective hours of morning distribution on weekdays – from 8:00 to 11:00, evening distribution – from...
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