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Category: Articles

Effective leafleting Kyiv

To increase sales, various types of direct or alternative advertising, distribution of samples and business gifts, the attraction of promoters are practiced. Leafleting technology is uniting all advertising tools and absorbing the most effective. Price profitability and efficiency of leafleting distinguishing from other methods of brand promotion, goods and services. All kinds of forms and configurations are effective in our country. Leafleting in Kyiv is a marketing move associated with...
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Is it effective to stick ads without tear-off numbers?

Ads sticking is an actual way of advertising goods or services. Previously, it was believed that the main attribute of such advertising is a small piece of paper on which to place, usually, the phone number or address of the location of the store or salon. In this form, potential consumers have been watching advertisements on poles or bulletin boards for decades and no longer reacting to them properly. Advertisers went on any tricks to attract the attention of passers-by used motley colors,...
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What are snapshots

Often, serious castings of well-known companies can only be made after a portfolio has been selected. What kind of mistakes made by photos prevent you from becoming the face of a famous brand? Let’s consider how to turn the imperfection of appearance into a highlight of the model: ✖ Nose shape. Avoid hard angles, so that you do not avoid magazines. ✔ The right light to help you. Photo at the window and the correct make-up (light stripe along the nose), photo in half a turn and snap...
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модели промо хостес киев

The hostess is the mistress of the hall

Let’s consider and emphasize the importance of the position of Hostess, because often this position is underestimated by restaurateurs, and most establishments have not yet got such an employee. And for nothing, because it is not just the person who occupies this position is also called “Mistress of the hall” in rare cases, “Master of the hall”. Sometimes the absence of such a position can be justified by the small flesh or specifics of the institution. But more...
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Hostess to the exhibition

Today, no prestigious institution or event can do without a hospitable hostess. More and more often, this profession is in demand, and the requirements for employees who apply for this position are increasing. At first glance, the duties of hostesses may seem simple, which is a common misconception. Of course, to master the basics of the profession will take only a few days, but to become a popular professional – you need to have several distinctive qualities. The...
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Flash mob as a new kind of advertising

Flash mobs are very popular mass promotions that perfectly attracts attention to the advertised goods or services. Advertising flash mob is not expensive financially, but very effective action. Well, the fact that such advertising and advertising is not called because it would sooner look like hooliganism, often scandalous nature, but with the task copes perfectly. Recently, in the French museum “Orsay” present among the visitors three beautiful girls model appearance first...
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What does a modern consumer need?

What does a modern consumer need and what trends are now popular? In this article, we will try to find the answer to these popular questions that all marketers ask. 1. Involve the buyer in the process. In the modern world, a potential consumer is an integral part of an advertising campaign and success depends on him in many ways. The leading position is occupied by the so-called game marketing, which involves the consumer in the process of endless purchases by attracting multi-profitable...
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Services of promoters in Kyiv

Advertising agency VLADpromo provides services to promoters in Kyiv on various promotions for the promotion of a new brand or product, we will help young TM loudly and beautifully declare itself in the domestic market.  We offer to organize and conduct promo-action in any place where the customer wishes and do everything possible for its effectiveness. Our advertising agency conducts a careful selection of promotional staff to participate in promotions, exhibitions and...
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Top 5 rules for effective leaflet distribution

One of the most progressive and effective methods of outdoor advertising is the distribution of leaflets on the street. On a small colorful piece of paper contains all the necessary information for the consumer (potential client) of the company, advertising campaigns, discounts and actual offers. However, the leaflets need not only to be properly made but also competently distributed to people, causing them a certain interest in the advertised product. The basic rules of distribution of...
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Exhibit stand makers

If you are looking for young and active young men and women to represent your company at a thematic exhibition, then you have contacted us. This issue should be taken very seriously because it is the right choice of stand makers that will ensure that your company will be addressed to the target audience. The most important thing is that potential customers will form the right opinion about the service or product provided. It is difficult to find a stand maker in Kyiv without professional...
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