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Category: Articles

Models for the exhibition

The marketing promotional exhibition attracts leading distributors, strong business partners, and potential target audience. Those who are ready to invest in services or purchases of goods. It is at such events that you can find many clients. Therefore, it is so important to stand out from the competitors, especially for a budding entrepreneur. An effective optimal tool for presentations is to order professionally trained personnel. Models for the exhibition from the advertising agency...
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Pj-girls, Go-Go dancers in Kyiv to an event or a party

Beautiful girls with the perfect figure in very bright and dressy costumes, performing some improvised club dance, are called Go-Go dancers or Pj-girls. The professional performance of incendiary dances to the ideal music will give you and your guests plenty of pleasant minutes. An aesthetically attractive sight, a dance that hints at light erotica but is devoid of naughty movement, will please everyone. Attractive and experienced Pj-girls, Go-Go dancers in Kyiv for an event, or a party can...
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Промоутеры в ростовых куклах

Promoters in the life-size puppet in Kiev

Bright, original, and most importantly, effective advertising is the key to successful business. And in this field it is impossible to overdo it and the motto “the more the better” is appropriate. One of the effective methods of attracting the target audience is using promoters in life-size puppets, the effectiveness of which is noted by many customers. An outgoing and sociable person dressed in a life-size puppet attracts attention and causes positive emotions, thereby disposing to the...
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What is the difference between an event and a simple office party or any other marketing trick? This question is asked quite often, and many people find it difficult to answer. Event-Management has a couple of significant differences that allow you to distinguish it from other activities. The brand should be the main thing in the event – it should be ubiquitous and all-absorbing (logos, probes, flyers, souvenirs, the theme of the evening). The event should have a memorable slogan and be...
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BTL events

BTL event – is an advertising campaign, which is presented directly where the consumer decides to purchase the advertised goods or services. Such promotions are held in the points of sale and promotion – ideally simulated situation: the potential consumer can see for himself the advantage of the offered goods or services (try in action, taste, go through the promotional procedure, etc.). The main plus of BTL promotions is to influence the minds of consumers now of the decision to...
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Effective leafleting Kyiv

To increase sales, various types of direct or alternative advertising, distribution of samples and business gifts, the attraction of promoters are practiced. Leafleting technology is uniting all advertising tools and absorbing the most effective. Price profitability and efficiency of leafleting distinguishing from other methods of brand promotion, goods and services. All kinds of forms and configurations are effective in our country. Leafleting in Kyiv is a marketing move associated with...
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Is it effective to stick ads without tear-off numbers?

Ads sticking is an actual way of advertising goods or services. Previously, it was believed that the main attribute of such advertising is a small piece of paper on which to place, usually, the phone number or address of the location of the store or salon. In this form, potential consumers have been watching advertisements on poles or bulletin boards for decades and no longer reacting to them properly. Advertisers went on any tricks to attract the attention of passers-by used motley colors,...
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What are snapshots

Often, serious castings of well-known companies can only be made after a portfolio has been selected. What kind of mistakes made by photos prevent you from becoming the face of a famous brand? Let’s consider how to turn the imperfection of appearance into a highlight of the model: ✖ Nose shape. Avoid hard angles, so that you do not avoid magazines. ✔ The right light to help you. Photo at the window and the correct make-up (light stripe along the nose), photo in half a turn and snap...
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модели промо хостес киев

The hostess is the mistress of the hall

Let’s consider and emphasize the importance of the position of Hostess, because often this position is underestimated by restaurateurs, and most establishments have not yet got such an employee. And for nothing, because it is not just the person who occupies this position is also called “Mistress of the hall” in rare cases, “Master of the hall”. Sometimes the absence of such a position can be justified by the small flesh or specifics of the institution. But more...
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Hostess to the exhibition

Today, no prestigious institution or event can do without a hospitable hostess. More and more often, this profession is in demand, and the requirements for employees who apply for this position are increasing. At first glance, the duties of hostesses may seem simple, which is a common misconception. Of course, to master the basics of the profession will take only a few days, but to become a popular professional – you need to have several distinctive qualities. The...
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