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Regular sticking of ads in the same areas of the city, allows you to achieve fame and popularity of the advertised product among the target audience. If you need to buy this type of goods, the potential consumer is likely to stop at the product from advertising. This type of campaign is cumulative in nature, and we recommend combining the trivial sticking of leaflets with various promotional activities. It is necessary to “fit in” the potential consumer with bright leaflets and...
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Distribution of leaflets in the mall

Distribution of leaflets is not without reason considered one of the most popular and quite effective methods of attracting customers. Such an advertising campaign allows you to well promote your product or service. However, to achieve the desired result, it is necessary to consider several nuances. Advertising Campaign: Promoters, Distribution of Flyers One of the most important factors affecting the success of the entire advertising campaign is the place of distribution of flyers (the...
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Distribution of leaflets in life-size dolls in Kyiv

Distribution of leaflets in life-size dolls in Kyiv is one of the types of not difficult, but the effective segment of the advertising campaign. A life-size puppet is a doll made in human height (allowed above) with the appearance of any character, often these are fairy-tale characters or animals. The type of such a promotional campaign visualizes your advertised product or service. Distribution of leaflets in life-size dolls – pluses the doll will certainly attract the attention of...
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Newspaper distribution in Kyiv

Nowadays there are many effective and budgetary ways to advertise your brand, services or a single product. They are in demand as trivial methods of advertising – posters, TV advertising, but also ways are not yet broken – LED signs, unusual promotion. In addition to the above methods of attracting consumers to the product, it is necessary to note the method of time-tested – it is the distribution of newspapers, booklets. Such advertising existed even in Ancient Rome and in...
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Distribution in traffic jams

The method of truly effective impact on human consciousness is the distribution of information booklets, the so-called leaflets. It is this kind of advertising service that is available to you – you just need to use the help of our advertising agency. The principle of distribution is based on the direct contact of the promoter – the one who distributes the flyers – and the person who is invited to learn about new products, services, events and the like. Distribution in...
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Roller promoters in Kyiv

Relevance Roller Promotion An advertising campaign on skates is non-trivial, interesting, fresh and does not require large expenses! Simple promotion of distributing leaflets or samplers thanks to the promoters on the rollers becomes non-standard and interesting. Roller promoters have insane efficiency On average, a promotional scooter is 4 times faster than a pedestrian, and this means that the speed of distribution of leaflets increases, thanks to the virtuosity of...
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Promo girls

A variety of promotions are often used to introduce future consumers to goods and services. At the same time in the form of easy communication talk about the benefits of the product. Advertising agency “VLADpromo” acts as a company providing advertising services of the widest range. The effectiveness of advertising stands, exhibition installations and print advertising increases dramatically if promo girls are involved in the event. Who are the promo girls? • Such an advertising method...
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Хостес модели на мероприятия в Киеве

Hostess models for events in Kyiv – main requirements

The word “hostess” is a derivative of English hot, which means “to receive guests”. That is, it is the person who first meets the visitors of the event and then performs some duties of the administrator (acquaints with the situation, ensures that everyone was comfortable, settles current organizational issues, etc.). Only beautiful, spectacular and sociable girls are selected to participate in such events. The requirements for hostesses are extremely high, and the girls...
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Промо модели Киева

Promo model of Kyiv as a kind of advertising of your business

Model the situation in which you are in the stage of developing a significant advertising project for the further development of your business. Do you urgently need bright and creative ideas to promote your product or service, and the source of inspiration has long run out? Modern advertising agency Vladpromo specializes in providing a wide range of advertising services, including promotional models in Kyiv. Experienced and qualified employees, who know many ways to attract the attention of...
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Работа хостес в Киеве, что нужно знать

Hostess work in Kyiv, what do you need to know?

To get a job with the hostess does not need specialized education, in-depth knowledge of certain disciplines. However, the candidate must meet certain selection criteria: – To have an attractive appearance; – It is easy to get in touch and communicate with people; – Be polite and tactful; – Up to 30 years of age; – Tall, slender, tightened. The first person to meet visitors at the entrance to the restaurant, club, shopping center, the hotel is often a...
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