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Промо модели Киева

Promo model of Kyiv as a kind of advertising of your business

Model the situation in which you are in the stage of developing a significant advertising project for the further development of your business. Do you urgently need bright and creative ideas to promote your product or service, and the source of inspiration has long run out? Modern advertising agency Vladpromo specializes in providing a wide range of advertising services, including promotional models in Kyiv. Experienced and qualified employees, who know many ways to attract the attention of...
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Работа хостес в Киеве, что нужно знать

Hostess work in Kyiv, what do you need to know?

To get a job with the hostess does not need specialized education, in-depth knowledge of certain disciplines. However, the candidate must meet certain selection criteria: – To have an attractive appearance; – It is easy to get in touch and communicate with people; – Be polite and tactful; – Up to 30 years of age; – Tall, slender, tightened. The first person to meet visitors at the entrance to the restaurant, club, shopping center, the hotel is often a...
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Sampling services

If you need to advertise a new product or refresh your memory of an existing product on the market, sampling is the perfect way to advertise it. This is a great way to introduce the consumer to the advertised product or service. Carrying out of samplings Kyiv is the distribution of probes of the goods to the population for the advertising purpose. Frequently, such kind of advertising is applied to increase sales of products on the care of appearance (perfume, cosmetics, subjects of personal...
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Carrying out promotions – plant a seed and harvest a rich harvest

Promotions today are one of the most necessary attributes that stimulate the sale of goods and services. Holding promotions if they are professionally trained and properly presented provides tremendous financial benefits. However, the organization of promotions is a diverse and thorough process, which requires serious discipline, organization and order in the cooperation of external and internal structures. Promotion Goals There are many basic elements and options for conducting a promotion,...
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Hostesses for events in Kiev

Girls of the hostess model (they are called by another name, for many years – the “mistress of the hall”) have always had success in high society. In today’s world, the hostess profession has received specific responsibilities and much greater importance. Now, no decent event does not do without a few girls’ charming appearances who, at first glance, no special role is not playing at this party, but it is not. The hostess is a predominantly female profession,...
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Advertising rules that work

When developing advertising, the most important thing is to present the product in a favorable light and inspire a potential buyer without this product, services, etc. you cannot do without it. How to do this not to spend a lot of money and stay with nothing. 1. A specific goal In advertising the result is important! The objectives of the advertiser at the stage of development of advertising should be extremely specific, up to the desired % growth in profits for a certain period. At such a...
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Advertising leaflet rules

Adjusting the template of the flyer can increase the effectiveness of such an advertising campaign at times. But there are also such unsuccessful advertisements that can only harm the advertised product or new brand. Distribution of leaflets is one of the main ways to convey information to the consumer. To flyer cope with the task, we offer you a few rules that follow when creating a layout of leaflets, you will ensure their effectiveness: 1. From glance, the potential consumer should...
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Hostess rules of conduct

As well as you take care of the comforts of guests at your home, try to make visitors to your restaurant comfortable too. Children Children (up to 12 years old) – guests who need an advanced level of hostess service! Children are the future of the institution. Dad and mother will not disregard the fact that you care for their child if you pay attention to the baby: hand him a ball, bring pencils and toys (to keep him occupied during the restaurant), a children’s menu. Such...
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Non-standard promotions

Non-standard promotions – promotions that do not resemble any type of traditional promotions. Projects of this type have a more complex mechanism, but at the same time, the effect of such advertising will not have to wait long. Such a promo action bright flash will attract interest in the advertised product. Non-standard and “boldness” of the promo-action attracts customers, confirming that the implementation of products is not only profitable but also art. It is necessary to...
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Model dress code

This model is easily recognizable by its appearance, it is well-groomed and stylishly dressed always. It should look so that people want to look at it, dress like it, drink coffee the same as it and eventually live like it. No matter how professional the model should know all the latest fashion trends, because she lives in this industry, goes to fashion shows, reads fashion magazines and watches Fashion TV. There are many requirements to the models, one of which is a model dress code. On French...
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