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Category: Articles

Extras on television in Kiev

For projects on television to have an impressive status and look solid, you need an extra. The participants of mass scenes can be both professional actors and people without relevant experience. Preparation of the participants of the mass scenes takes place under the guidance of a well-coordinated and experienced team. We understand what result you want to achieve and are ready to help you with this. How is the work done on television in extras? Advertising agency “VLADpromo” has...
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Sneaking into the movies

Scaling in movies from “VLADpromo” – qualitatively and quickly! Movie shuffling is an important part, against which the action of the storyline unfolds. Do you want the participants of the mass scene to meet your criteria? Do you need to know how competent the VLADpromo team is and can we be trusted? Then we will tell you how we work. Selection of the correct massaging requires the solution of many problems. Everything starts with communication with the client. Now in Ukraine,...
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Who are the promo models?

Promo models are highly qualified promoters who combine the work of a regular model with work in the field of marketing and advertising. Girls and guys of good looks with the appropriate parameters represent a variety of promotions, thereby promoting the promotion of any advertising product or company services. There are various ways to promote a product: from distributing leaflets, tasting a product, to advertising a kind of whiskey in a nightclub. These methods of advertising are paid in...
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The casting of children in Kyiv

There are no age restrictions in acting, and if a child has the potential, earlier the parents start to storm the castings, the more chances they have of not losing their starring role. What is the specificity of children’s castings? What do parents need to know? The basic rules of castings for kids. What parents need to remember is that their child is beautiful and talented, even if he did not smile at the last casting. Nervous and angry at the child from the fact that he did not live...
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Casting in Kyiv

The number of castings in Kyiv in comparison with previous years, increased by times. Every day, thousands of models, actors are casting in all kinds of projects. Shootings of advertising on TV, series, films, models on a glossy cover, fashion shows, Internet projects. Why are there so many castings in the capital? The answer is simple – Kyiv is rapidly developing, investors invest in fashionable projects and more and more foreign customers. Foreign producers prefer our countrybecause it...
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Which glue is best suited for advertising?

Advertising is a way of effective advertising that has been tested for decades. But more often, after a short period at the place of sticking, we do not even find a trace of the ad. This is accompanied by many reasons, but one of them, it would seem, the most primitive, is the use of unsuitable glue for sticking out. Often, stickers operate the first caught in the store glue, the same exposing the advertising campaign too low efficiency or even to absolute failure. How to prevent a fiasco and...
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How to become a popular model?

What girl hasn’t dreamed of being a model for once in her life? But most of them, looking at catwalk beauties, stop believing in their strength in this beautiful sphere of beauty. There is an opinion that the model can become only the owner of ideal forms and proportions, but as practice shows, it is far from so. The most demanded models do not differ outstanding parameters and even somewhere proportions, to put it mildly, are absent. As they say, other shortcomings, if they are...
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How to become an actor of mass scenes?

We will probably start with the basics. Let’s take everything by the shelves, for starters, who are the actors of the mass scenes? Actors of mass scenes are a lot of people, of different ages, of no repeatable appearance. Not only beauty and the right facial features are valued, but also individuality and originality! A father-in-law, for example, if you are a dwarf, then you have a much better chance of becoming an actor in mass scenes than a man of standard stature. In our century,...
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Выбираем хостес в Киеве

How to choose the right hostess for the event?

This question today is of interest to many businessmen of Kyiv, who want to organize and competently conduct an advertising campaign in their company. The only correct solution to this issue is to apply to a specialized advertising agency that can provide such a service at a high professional level. The very concept of choosing a hostess should imply the possibility of choosing a service among several actual offers, where the final choice always remains with the client. Why is the choice of...
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How to choose the right advertising agency?

Not knowing the criterion of choosing a good advertising agency, customers often make wrong decisions, which have a disastrous impact on the effectiveness of the advertising campaign. Often, the choice is influenced only by sympathy for the manager of the agency or low prices, yet it is not right to rely on these factors. It is necessary to approach seriously the choice of the advertising agencybecause the advertising campaign requires money costs, and most importantly, it depends on the...
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