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Order promoters in Kyiv

The right choice and motivational component of promoters ensure the success of the promotion and the loyal attitude of the consumer to the advertised TM. Therefore, the order of promoters in Kyiv must be approached responsibly. Who is a promoter? Promoter – a person who promotes products in various ways: by distributing leaflets or engaged in the promotion of goods, services. This is a profession for young people who want to earn money temporarily. What does...
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Девушки хостесс на выставку, конференцию, корпоративное мероприятие

Girl hostesses to the exhibition, conference, corporate event

Advertising agency Vladpromo offers services of experienced hostesses for events of any nature (exhibitions, conferences, seminars, presentations, lectures). Our extensive database contains summaries of attractive, sociable and intelligent candidates. Our hostesses’ girls speak several languages and can perform the functions assigned to them: Help to find a place at the conference or introduce the direction of the exhibition Perform registration of visitors with badges and...
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Girl hostesses (hostess) for events

The VLADpromo company in an Arsenal of the services can offer charming and attractive Housewives of holidays and parties. When it arranges the event and ensuring the effectiveness of the exhibition stand, our charming employees can support the smooth operation of the mechanism of its organization. It is convenient and profitable to use the services of our company, which will provide a girl hostess for the event. The name of the profession is obliged to the free translation from English...
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High-altitude ad sticking

Placing ads – is one of the “ancient”, but not inferior ineffectiveness, a type of advertising.  The so-called “fast advertising” as an ambulance will rush and will help to quickly attract the attention of potential consumers to your products. An effective and inexpensive way to be always a recognizable brand, to inform the public about new promotions and profitable offers. Advantages of high-rise posters and announcements: The scale of the advertising...
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Choose the best places for posting ads

Posting ads is a good way to attract customers and increase the income of your business. On the one hand, the task of distributing advertising printing may seem simple. Let’s look at what pitfalls can be encountered along the way. What’s the meaning of that? First things first. The main purpose of this advertising campaign is to attract people’s attention to your product or service. The result depends on many factors: both marketing and technical, and legislative. The fact...
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Выбираем лучшие места для раздачи листовок в Киеве

We choose the best places for the distribution of leaflets in Kiev

On the right choice of the place of distribution of leaflets depends largely on the success of the entire advertising campaign. In the capital of Ukraine, there are many suitable places where a large crowd of people can identify and attract potential customers. To give out flyers choose places where people often gather or pass, it can be lively streets and avenues, shopping malls, subway stations and public transport stops. Leaflets can also be distributed in traffic jams, at traffic lights...
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What is the job of a stand maker girl?

For each company participation in exhibitions and presentations implies certain financial investments. Also, included in the calculation is the need to return the money spent in the future and make a profit. To achieve the result can only be achieved with the correct organization of the advertising process. Competently present the products placed on the stand, attract the attention of visitors to the exhibition will help girls stand maker. Beautiful, slim, young and cheerful, such employees...
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Fast advertising – ad sticking

Perhaps, the most budgetary and quite efficient type of “fast advertising” of a product, service or not yet known TM, there is – ad sticking. But to increase the effectiveness of the advertising campaign at times, we offer a slight sticker to combine with promotions (different types of sampling – direct acquaintance of the potential buyer with the goods or services sold). Ads gluing – effective and fast promotion Advertising leaflets are posted on special street...
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